I hope that as the weather improves and holidays beckon, many of you are starting to feel in better mental health. I know I am! If you are feeling calmer, more optimistic and resourceful it may seem counter-intuitive to begin therapy. Isn’t therapy all about stirring muddy puddles and raking over past upsets? Well, not quite! It’s also about working on your strengths, letting go of limitations and feeling able to truly embrace life with curiosity and courage. And if you’re feeling in a good place right now, this can give you the motivation and energy to do those things. So get in touch to find out how working together might be beneficial for you and help you achieve your goals.

For those of you who are struggling with anxiety , (as I used to a lot before I had any therapy, so I do understand what it’s like) my next blog post will hopefully help you to understand this debilitating problem and gain some tools to begin to feel better. Watch this space!

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