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  • Stress Management Life is stressful for everyone from time to time. It’s how we deal with it that makes the difference between coping and not coping. Because stress is very bad for our health in the long term, it is crucial that we look after ourselves. Some coping strategies have a negative impact on our […]

  • Depression Depression is characterised by feelings of sadness, hopelessness and despair which disrupt daily life and persist longer than two weeks. It can be accompanied by feelings of shame which can make it difficult for the person affected to seek help. Whilst brain chemistry plays a part, life experiences also affect brain chemistry and depression. […]

  • Addictions Are you struggling with an addiction or a dependency? Addiction includes pathological pursuit of all types of external rewards (for example gambling, internet pornography, shopping) not just substances like alcohol or drugs. it can lead to other problems such as difficulties with relationships or money, social isolation and loss of self-esteem. A combination of […]

  • Insomnia   Hypnotherapy is widely used in the treatment of insomnia. Make sure you consult your doctor first to establish that there is no underlying medical cause for your condition. Very often insomnia starts during a period of stress or anxiety, and continues when the stress has passed because we come to expect that we […]

  • Performance Enhancement Issues Performance Enhancement Issues. (e.g., sport, public speaking, tests and exams) Hypnotherapy can help you overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that prevent you from performing your best. In my years of practice I have helped people conduct themselves more confidently in meetings, presentations, job interviews, classroom observations and driving tests, to name […]

  • Fear of Medical or Dental Procedures. Many people avoid seeking treatment at the dentist or doctor’s surgery because of a debilitating fear of experiencing pain, or being the recipient of bad news. Hypnotherapy can remove or significantly reduce these fears, helping you to feel relaxed and have a positive mental attitude so that you can […]

  • Mental health: Anxiety and panic attacks. Some anxiety is normal and indeed beneficial as it helps us to take greater care in certain situations or to prepare for things more thoroughly. It becomes a problem when it is a constant feeling which is out of proportion to the situation we are in. This is very distressing […]

  • Low self esteem Feeling good about yourself is a key element of mental health. Many things can prevent us from loving and supporting ourselves in the way that we should. Perhaps we carry messages from childhood that we are worthless or incompetent. Maybe we have interpreted setbacks as signs of personal failure, or have been […]

  • Abuse and Trauma Abuse and trauma has been linked to many conditions including PTSD, depression, dissociative disorders and psychoses. If you need help call me or text me today on Mobile phone: 07957 713 102 Or email me at:  info@fionahannanthypnotherapy.co.uk

  • Breaking unwanted habits   Smoking Cessation. Most people who come for hypnotherapy to stop smoking do so as a last resort when they have tried all other methods. That’s a shame because it’s a very effective way of stopping smoking for good! Not only that, but it makes quitting a positive and comfortable experience. A smoking […]

  • Childhood issues. Many of the problems and difficulties which we experience in our daily life stem from unmet needs in childhood. Perhaps you were emotionally or physically abused and neglected, criticised, judged harshly, or made to feel worthless incompetent or undervalued. Maybe you experienced the loss of a parent or sibling, or disruption to your environment […]

  • Phobia release     Phobias are usually created by a trauma (commonly at an early age), which causes the mind and body to avoid ever being in that situation again, and so for protection puts up a massive fear and phobic response to anything that is similar to the original trauma as a defence mechanism. Discover how […]