Breaking unwanted habits


Smoking Cessation. Most people who come for hypnotherapy to stop smoking do so as a last resort when they have tried all other methods. That’s a shame because it’s a very effective way of stopping smoking for good! Not only that, but it makes quitting a positive and comfortable experience.

A smoking cessation treatment is 90 minutes long. This includes a 30 minute pre-counseling session in which we discuss your motivation and commitment to quitting. We also look at any unhelpful beliefs you may have around smoking, for example that stopping smoking has to be difficult and unpleasant (it doesn’t !) identify triggers that you have to smoke and situations that you strongly associate with smoking. This information is then used in an hour long hypnotherapy session, after which we arrange a follow-up appointment a week later, in case you need more support.

The vast majority of my clients stop after one session and do not require the second appointment!

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