Depression is characterised by feelings of sadness, hopelessness and despair which disrupt daily life and persist longer than two weeks. It can be accompanied by feelings of shame which can make it difficult for the person affected to seek help. Whilst brain chemistry plays a part, life experiences also affect brain chemistry and depression.
Depression can arise as a result of traumatic or stressful events such as bereavement, divorce or financial problems for example. People who have experienced trauma or abuse are also more likely to experience depression. Depression can be accompanied by physical aches and pains, sleep disturbance and disruption to appetite. Feeling depressed can make daily tasks seem insurmountable which in turn leads to feelings of failure and worthlessness.
It may be important for you to understand the reasons behind your depression. You may know what triggered it and yet never had the experience of talking about it in an atmosphere of  compassion. Hypnotherapy can also help you to notice and change unhelpful thinking styles and beliefs about yourself and life which could be maintaining your depression. Do you want to feel energetic and positive? Hypnotherapy can help you.
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