Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Sheffield.


I have been helping people in Sheffield to stop smoking with hypnotherapy for eighteen years. Most smokers really want to stop, and if you are a smoker and are reading this you already know all the reasons for quitting. But it’s hard…right? Well, using hypnotherapy, stopping smoking can be a much easier and pleasant experience. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of deep relaxation in which your mind is more open to positive suggestion. If I said to you, “Stop smoking now!” you would resist this on many levels. You may resent what you perceive as a command; you may doubt your ability to carry out the suggestion; you may consciously want to stop smoking, but dread the withdrawal and feel powerless to stop the seemingly ever-present triggers to smoke. If you are deeply relaxed, however, and I say “Stop smoking!” you will  be filled with a feeling of optimism about your ability to do so; you will feel empowered and in control, and your mind will take on board my positive suggestions at a deep level, making change much more likely.


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Prior to any hypnotherapy taking place, you will  have a pre-counselling session tailored to your individual needs. The whole process is positive throughout, enabling you to become a permanent and lasting non-smoker. You will not see it as ‘giving up’  something of value, but of eliminating something unwanted and unnecessary from your life.


Frequently asked questions:

What is your success rate?
I am not ethically permitted to discuss cases, but I always offer a follow up appointment if the first session was not a complete success. The vast majority of clients do not require follow-up, and of those few who do, they only need one more session with me. Any follow-up session is free.

Do you guarantee success?
It is neither possible nor ethical, in my view, to guarantee success. Also, if a therapist guarantees success after one session, and you find you need more support, you may feel like you have failed and be too downhearted to come back. What I do guarantee is that I will do everything I can with the tools and skills I have to help you to become a non-smoker.

 How much does it cost?
£160 for a two hour-session. One hour of this is a pre-counselling session. You can chose to have the two hours together or separately to suit you.

What are the advantages of stopping smoking with Fiona Hannant?

-Eighteen years continuous experience.
-Dual qualification in Psychotherapy as well as Hypnotherapy, so you get full emotional support and understanding of the issues which may be underlying your smoking habit
-Free follow up session available, if you need more support.
-I have completed a specialized smoking cessation course to deepen my understanding of this area of my work.


If you really want to quit smoking Contact me or call me for more info.

Landline: 0114 268 5055
Phone: 07957 713 102