Low self esteem

Feeling good about yourself is a key element of mental health. Many things can prevent us from loving and supporting ourselves in the way that we should. Perhaps we carry messages from childhood that we are worthless or incompetent. Maybe we have interpreted setbacks as signs of personal failure, or have been putting others’ needs before our own for so long that we have forgotten how to look after ourselves.
Low self-confidence¬†can result in us making poor choices for ourselves because we don’t feel, deep down, that we deserve any better. Whatever the reason, therapy can play a vital role in helping you to develop the confidence and self-esteem that you need to live life fully. Feeling valued and accepted by the therapist can be the start of valuing and accepting ourselves. We can then begin to challenge the negative beliefs we may have about ourselves and learn to recognise and stop unhelpful self-sabotaging thought processes.
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